The patented Medicine Shufeng Jiedu is produced for the international market by Anhui Jiren Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. in cooperation with its German-Chinese joint venture partner ConPhyMed pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Based in Germany. Quality and safety of the production are the top priority. For this reason, the cultivation of the medicinal plants used for Shufeng Jiedu is already strictly monitored and follows the rules of the Good Acriculture and Collection Practice (GACP). We only work with certified farmers which are audited regularly to ensure that the medical plants are grown as free as possible from environmental pollution to guaranty the highest quality and efficacy of our product.

For the production of Shufeng Jiedu capsules a patented and award wining technology is used. All production steps are conducted strictly in accordance to the GMP requirements and an independent audit team of German experts ensures that the GMP is able to fulfill the requirement of the European Union.

The extraction of the medicinal plans is done in a high-tech TCM extraction workshop with a annual extraction capacity over 10,000 tons. The workshop integrates multi-functional extraction, high-speed centrifugation, low-temperature spray-drying and premium packaging in a highly controlled and certified clean area. Each step of the production is monitored and recorded. The production follows the zero-fault approach, which ensures that only products which fulfill to 100% the specifications are accepted for sale.

Our research and development team is constantly working to improve the quality and safety of the product and to set new gold standards for the production and quality control.