Shufeng Jiedu, originated from the folk remedy of the Tujia, an ethnic minority in southern China. The medicine was invented in Sangzhi County, Hunan Province which is located deep in the mountains. Most of the Tujia live in the mountains and traveling to the next big city is very inconvenient. Therefore, for a long time there was no sufficient medical supply for the people. If the people of this region got common diseases such as cold or flu, bruises or injuries they could not get a western medical treatment in a timely manner, the only treatment option was based on their own Tujia folk medicine. Since the Tujia have no writing, the formulas of herbal medicine were passed from mouth to mouth. Shufeng jiedu was one formula invented by the Tunjia folk medicine doctors and passed from one generation to another.

The core ingredients of Shufeng Jiedu are Polygonum cuspidatum, Verbena and Patrinia these drugs are common plants in the Hunan Province and basically growing around the home of the Tujia and they are very easy to pick. Through constant observation of the clinical effect of the different medicinal plants, the Chines ancestors discovered the laws from herbal medicine, and through our constant attempts and improvements, they were able to develop such a highly effective prescription like Shufeng Jiedu.

Xiang Daxiong (currently the director of the Department of Pharmacy of the Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University), who got the formula of SFJDC from his uncle when he entered the medical university in Changsha (the provincial capital), used his spare time during his university studies to complete the pharmacological part of the research, pharmacology, pharmacology and toxicology, and successfully got the clinical approval. Since the clinical trial phase was relatively costly, it was necessary to find a Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company to advance the clinical research, and Chairman Zhu Yuexin of Ji Ren Pharmaceutical found this unique formula, which is different from all formulas he has seen so far, was determined to invest in research and development, and pushed forward the standardized clinical study of Shufeng Jiedu Capsules in accordance with the provisions of the Drug Administration Law. Shufeng Jiedu Capsules was finally approved as patented prescription medicine for marketing in 2009.